Burgernet NL

Burgernet is a unique collaboration between citizens, municipalities and the police to increase security in both the living and working environment. Almost all municipalities in the Netherlands are members of Burgernet. Burgernet is used not only in missing person cases but also for break-ins, robberies and hit-and-run incidents. Neighbourhood residents who have registered for the system receive a spoken message or SMS with a description of a person or vehicle.

WorldAppz decided to build a Burgernet-app due to the fact that the organisation behind Burgernet didn’t have a proper one. This app collects all Burgernet alarms and notifies the owner of the app that an incident occurred. The details of the incident include: exact location, a map view and street view of the location, the date and time it was registered, a brief description of the incident, the distance from the current location to the incident’s location and a link to the original message of the Burgernet platform.

BurgernetNL - screenshot